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First KoS full OP Run.

Talverda, Apr 9, 12 2:37 PM.
Message from:  Gep Korr

I'm probably undercutting Milo on this one but couldn't help posting this as I'm full of pride right now for our first full run through Eternity Vault. It may have taken us a bit but we finished it and now we have 7 members who have run it all the way through and can help getting other member in the run and experienced. Everyone did a great job and one thing I really noticed was how people kept their cool. The last boss is one of the most mechanic heavy fights of all 10 normal mode bosses (KP and EV) IMO and no one seemed flustered at all. It will also only get easier with gear and experience.
Milo - Healer
Steph - Healer
Mir - Ranged DPS (Props for respecing and still beasting)
Torren - Melee DPS
 Xito - Melee DPS
Wut - Ranged DPS (a ringer that helped us out)
 Gep - Melee DPS/Off
Tank Marlon - Main Tank
Look forward to getting even more in on this!!!!
All new members are able to jump right into the world of Sokan. Be it PVP, RP, or PVE, new members will be able to experience all that our guild has to offer. Working besides a Master, Padawans begin a journey of thrilling adventure and intellectual enlightenment.

This journey is only completed once the Padawan has proven their worth, having gone through the Trials of Knighthood. Once Knighted, they are granted all the responsibilities and privileges of a Jedi Knight including: being able to take a Padawan of their own, being allowed to RP a Knight in any Guild RP, and being able to strive towards becoming a Master.
The Knights of Sokan will be holding four in-game events a month. These events will comprise of one PVP event, one PVE event, a guild-wide RP, and a guild meeting. The events will be lead by their corresponding Council Member, with assistance from all other members of the department. Keep in mind that as a RP guild, even the PVP and PVE events will have a RP feel to them, and there will be a justification within our lore for the events that are occurring. The actual PVP, PVE, and raid events will all be held OOC, but will often have a small RP preceding or following them, to solidify the continuing lore elements we hope to incorporate in all aspects of the guild.

Above all else, The Knights of Sokan is a RP guild. We hope to provide a community in which our members can continue to focus on teamwork, character development, lore, and the Master and Apprentice system. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to visit our forums (found here) and submit an application. We are currently actively recruiting anyone and everyone interested in participating in our community and who are willing to follow our guidelines.
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